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A revolution in the field of metalworking. This groundbreaking fluid is biosourced, water based and free of oils and emulsifiers. With excellent cooling power and high lubricity, it is poised to provide a unique solution for a variety of metalworking operations.



  • Safety: Limited inventory due to less stock keeping unit, non-slippery and spotless flooring, less hazardous components
  • Health: Bio sourced, no smell, no fumes due to high cooling power, no skin irritation due to lack of mineral oils, cleaner operations and workspace
  • Environmental: Long fluid lifespan, less hazardous to the environment, normal waste treatment methods can be applied, bio-sourced raw materials

This is the first and only metalworking fluid that replaces standard oils with biosourced polymers, which provides the best performance for operators and their environment.



TOTAL FOLIA provides substantial productivity gains through outstanding cooling and lubrication properties, reduction of process stops, longer tool life and reduced operating costs. Tooling costs in machining are a significant component of operating costs and because TOTAL FOLIA allows high temperatures to be reached, the tenacity of the tool and its natural wear increase.


TSUSA continues to differentiate from competitors by listening to its customers and bringing safe and clean working conditions to market with TOTAL FOLIA.




Explore the TOTAL FOLIA Product Range

  • FOLIA G 5000: Designed for grinding/machining of cast irons and steel grinding. It offers a bio-sourced solution free of oils and emulsifiers with high cooling, lubricating and detergency properties.
  • FOLIA B 7000: Developed for both Ferrous and Non-ferrous metals, our customers can depend on this for 90% of CNC operations. This offers users a unique product for multiple operations. 
  • FOLIA B 9000: Specially formulated for aluminum and heavy duty applications.

“Folia is the new solution in Metalworking. This product series is clean, efficient with emphasis on health and safety of your employees.”

- Market Manager Industrial Lubricants - Metalworking