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Proposed Category 11, PC-11, was established as the new industry standard to deliver significant improvements in engine protection and fuel economy in December 2016. The new diesel engine oil specification materialized under two categories: API CK-4 and FA-4. In addition to a better fuel economy, both oils also deliver superior performance over current oils.


Higher levels of wear protection

Enhanced Fuel Economy FA-4 oils


Superior oil life through oxidation stability


Extended oil drain intervals


Extended emission catalyst life


Discover the difference between the two oil categories in viscosity and quality. The next generation of heavy duty engine oils is sure to offer a better fuel economy, performance and is already proven to be cleaner with either category.

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API CK-4 oils will be a direct replacement for the oils you are using now. You will be able to buy the same viscosity grades and oil types (conventional, full synthetic, synthetic blend) you are using now and they will be backwards compatible down to API CJ-4



API FA-4 oils will be offered in lower viscosity grades and designed to help maximize fuel economy with no compromise in durability. These API FA-4 oils will have limited backwards compatibility.