Quartz Synthetic

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The performance realized by today’s engines comes from a legacy of racing dominance. Internationally, TOTAL’s global brand power and prestige has resulted in World Rally Championships (WRC), Endurance and Formula 1 championships. It’s that level of passion, technology and quality that TOTAL oils bring from the Track to the Street.

Quartz Racing oils were developed to cover the strictest requirements for both  gasoline and diesel engines when used in racing or severe driving conditions.  They are well suited for turbocharged and multi-valve engines.

  • Quartz Racing SAE 10W-50
  • Quartz Racing SAE 10W-60


  •  Lubricates engines faster to reduce wear
  • Adapted for vehicles equipped with catalysts that used unleaded fuel or LPG
  • Preserves engine power, especially at high temperatures
Total Quartz Racing Oil

Our QUARTZ Racing products are also available for purchase through Amazon. We are excited to offer more products and services to our growing fan base through a more convenient shopping experience.

TOTAL Quartz Range