Gas Engines

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Gas Engines

Nateria lubricants for high performance and reliability

From a few kilowatts to several dozen megawatts, gas engines provide flexible and clean power using various types of gas. 

Engine performance depends on operating conditions, particularly on the origin of the gas and its properties. In the combustion chamber, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), halogenous components, silica and dust can lead to nitration, corrosion and oxidation issues. These are responsible for conditions such as varnish build-up, ring sticking and sludge formation, which decrease engine productivity, reduce engine life expectancy and ultimately increase costs.

TOTAL Nateria lubricants are formulated to meet and exceed OEM specifications in the most severe operating conditions. With selected base oils and additives, Nateria lubricants deliver a sustainable level of lubrication which guarantees to maintain engine performance even in the most aggressive environments (H2S, moisture, contaminants).


Nateria benefits for all gas engines

  • Optimized drain interval
  • Wear reduction
  • Improved engine cleanliness
  • Nateria advantages
  • Exceptional thermal stability of base oils resists oxidation and nitration
  • Reinforced wear protection for the most stressed components
  • Optimized Base Number/Ash content to improve engine cleanliness

A full range of lubricants dedicated to your needs


HDLL COOLANT reduces the heat to improve your productivity

The best protection for gas engines due to the combination of outstanding lubricant and coolant performance.

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