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Food safety and performance for maximum productivity!

Today’s industrial bakeries must operate their plants at peak efficiency, producing  a wide variety of products while complying with increasing quality and safety  standards. This requires very flexible baking lines which are exposed to the  following extreme field conditions:

  • Presence of baking dusts and residues
  • High temperature in ovens
  • High moisture levels during proofing
  • Very low temperature in freezing tunnels

We help you to achieve your production targets while maximizing food safety, with our NEVASTANE food grade lubricants for incidental contact. Our products are specially formulated for your applications and meet the requirements of the major equipment manufacturers.

Additionally, for dough dividing and demoulding operations that involve a direct contact of the lubricant with the dough, we recommend our NEVASTANE Clear  Series of food grade release agents, developed in compliance with specific regulations.

Food Safety: No Worries!

From mixing the ingredients to packaging the finished baked goods, the processing steps present critical points of lubrication where a food contamination could occur. Using NSF H1 registered lubricants, suitable for incidental contact with food, can minimize product loss and prevent damage to your brand image associated with a recall or reported contamination.

Nevastane Lubricants Guarantees

  • NSF H1 registered
  • Contain no compounds of animal origin
  • GMO free
  • Allergen free

Nevastane Clear Series Agents Guarantees

  • NSF 3H registered
  • GMO free
  • Allergen free