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Guaranteeing food safety to consumers is paramount for today’s food and beverage processors.

Our ambition is to market the most reliable lubricants brand in the world. It is this ambition which has made TOTAL into one of the largest organizations in the specialty products markets: lubricants, bitumen, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), special fluids as well as jet, marine and heavy fuels. TOTAL is also a Top Five lubricants player in the world.

TOTAL Lubricants designs, produces and markets lubricants and greases under the TOTAL brand (automotive, industry, marine and aviation sectors), Nevastane, Kleenmold and the ELF brand (racing and motorcycle oils).

With this challenge in mind, TOTAL Lubricants has developed NEVASTANE, a full range of NSF H1 registered lubricants designed for use when incidental contact with food is possible.  

Using these products instead of traditional products allows you to avoid serious consequences for both the consumer and your brand image. The best machine designs can't always rule out incidental contamination of food by lubricants from leakage, drip, spatter or even mistakes. Use NEVASTANE with complete peace of mind.

A NEVASTANE Lubricant for every application and situation!

Efficient in every food processing application, the NEVASTANE range protects your equipment while extending its service life under the most difficult conditions including extreme ranges of temperature, heavy loads, and exposure to water and food.

NEVASTANE food grade lubricants use several advanced technologies: Synthetics PAO or PAG, semi-synthetics, food-grade white oils or silicone.

Nevastane Guarantees at-a-glance

  • Registered NSF H1
  • GMO free
  • Contain no compound
  • Allergen free of animal origin

In addition, most NEVASTANE products are Kosher-certified.

A Guarantee of Additional Safety ISO 21469 certification

This voluntary certification demonstrates the commitment of TOTAL Lubricants to provide you maximum quality, safety and assurance.

Our food grade lubricant production plants are audited by an independent organization that verifies that our production process and finished products meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 21469 certification.

Recommendations for Use

  • Store the NSF H1 lubricants in a separate and well-identified area
  • Flush your equipment with the food grade suitable product before converting to an NSF H1 lubricant for the first time
  • Label your transfer containers and dispensing equipment in order to avoid any potential cross contamination