Metalworking ranges from tempering to metal forming to metal removing fluids. The TOTAL range includes oil-based and water-based lubricants.

Cutting and grinding are the most commonly encountered metal removing fluid operations. The machining fluids are diverse due to the wide range of possible machining operations and metals that are encountered. Common metals include ferrous (iron), aluminum, yellow metals and aerospace alloys. The cutting and grinding fluids are divided into oilbased (Scilia and Valona) and water-based (Lactuca, Spirit and Vulsol) families.

Metal forming operations range from stamping to drawing/ironing and forging. The metallurgy and the difficulty of the operation vary. Martol is the family for forming oils while Lubrilam is our rolling oil family.

Tempering of metals often uses quenching oils. Quenching operations depend upon the metal and the size and geometry of the part. Drasta is the family of quenching oils.

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