Organic Phase 

Polyacrylamides, whether powders, solutions or emulsions, are extremely versatile polymers used in a large number of health and environmental applications including water treatment, oil recovery, paper manufacturing or textile printing pastes. Beyond technical performance, they now need to comply with increasingly demanding health and environmental regulations. An expert in extremely high purity hydrocarbons, Total Special Fluids Division has developed Aqualane, a range of alkanes dedicated to the production of poly-acrylamides in inverse emulsion polymerization.

Inert and Stable

The outstanding purity and inertness of Aqualane products provide the best guarantees to avoid any interference during manufacturing processes. They also contribute to the stability of the finished product.

Safer for Operators and Users

The Aqualane range contains non-VOC, high flash point products. All products may be used safely in indirect contact with food.

A Comprehensive Range

The different grades in the Aqualane range provide a comprehensive set of solutions for the production of the different types of polymers with anionic, cationic or nonionic charges, with different molecular weights as well as in both water-soluble and water-swellable form.

Indicative Values: