Turning to eco-grade materials

With the growing need for alternative sources of energy, shale gas has gained significant importance over the last few years. However, the use of millions of gallons of fluids in hydraulic fracturing has increasingly raised concerns with regard to waste water management as well as ground water pollution. Specialists in the development of ultra pure hydrocarbons, TOTAL has developed a comprehensive range of products dedicated to the formulation of hydraulic fracturing fluids. This is an ideal carrying agent for viscosifiers (such as guar, CMC and PAM), cross-linkers, buffers and so forth.

Additives with Ultra Low BTEX and PAH Levels

EFC Crystal technical specifications give formulators a wide range of grades to fine-tune the composition of fracturing fluids; low Pour point ensures product performance in even the most extreme temperature (eg. activity in Canada), high flashpoint facilitates safety in material handling and transport, whilst a variety of viscosity options enables control of fluid rheology.


EFC Crystal Fluids enable the formulation of fracturation products which exceed the USA EPA regulations.

Indicative Values:

Efc crystal