Hydrocarbon Solvent: Solane and Toluene Range

Adhesive techniques are now well-known and are increasingly used in a great variety of applications including the automotive industry, construction and building. These techniques are also of particular interest to the wood/timber, furnishing, leather goods, shoes, packaging and electronic industries.

TOTAL is present in different markets such as:

  • Contact adhesives (used for footwear and construction assembly).
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesives (used mainly for tapes and labels)
  • Hot melt PSA

Hydrocarbon solvents are used to dissolve various types of binders and polymers and can also help to control the drying properties of adhesive solvents.

We Manufacture and Market

  • Aliphatic solvents, cycloaliphatic and naphthenic fluids: SOLANE range which offer formulators:
    • Consistent and predictable process performance
    • The ability to meet increasingly stringent regulations while maintaining the benefits of solvent-based formulations
    • Reduced worker exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • Aromatic solvents for a variety of glue & adhesive formulations: TOLUENE

Health & Safety

REACH Annex XVII introduced some restrictions in using toluene and cyclohexane in adhesive solvent intended for sale to the general public (EU Directive 67/548/EC). N-hexane is also subject to labeling.

We offer solutions to avoid such restrictions by using methylcyclohexane (SOLANE MCH). Formulations can be adjusted by optimizing methylethylketone (MEK) content and/or acetate solvents to obtain the required performances. 

Indicative Values: