Total and Make-A-Wish Foundation Team Up

Angel Rodriguez

On June 10, 2016, Total Specialties USA, Inc. partnered with Make-A-Wish to give Angel Rodriguez a special day at a Copa America Centenario match. Angel and his family were invited to watch his favorite team and favorite player – Lionel Messi of the Argentina National Team – play against Panama in Chicago, IL for a group stage match. Angel and his family were flown up to Chicago from Florida to be able to attend this historical match with the help of the Make-A-Wish foundation. Angel arrived in style early on Friday to Soldier Field to be prepped for an exciting day ahead!

Angel arrived early in order to be trained for his field walk out. For anyone not familiar with soccer, at the beginning of any international soccer match the players walk out on to the field to line up and listen to their national anthems before the match begins. When they walk out on to the field, they are holding hands with a young kid to show the influence and importance of soccer reaching the next generation in a positive light. As part of Total’s partnership with Make-A-Wish, Angel was offered the opportunity to walk out on the field with the Argentinean captain, Javier Mascherano, before the match began! 

Not only was Angel able to walk out on the field with Mascherano, but he was also able to watch some of the pre-game action beforehand as he stood by the field as the players were warming up.  Angel and his family were invited by Total to experience the “Pre-Game” excitement and stand directly by the pitch as the players were warming up. Angel was able to watch his favorite team and player very closely as they prepared for the match ahead. After all of the excitement of the pre-game experience and the field walk out, Angel settled down with his family to watch Argentina beat Panama 5-0 and see Messi score a hat trick! 

Total would like to give a huge thank you to the Make-A-Wish team for all of their help and support throughout the partnership. We hope that Angel and his family had an amazing time during his wish and will remember fondly his special day at the Copa America Centenario match.