The first one was sky-blue colored

100 years ago the first continental tournament was disputed and Uruguay claimed the trophy. The contest took place in Argentina, in commemoration for his independence centenary, the competition was conformed by four national teams. Besides, during this one the CONMEBOL was founded.

The first one was sky-blue colored

The tournament was called The south-american selections championship 1916, and it was the first Copa America edition, this is why the hundred-years-ago commemoration takes place in USA.

Back in 1916, the teams who competed were: Argentina, the organizer country, Uruguay, who was the champion, and finally Brazil and Chile. The tournament coincided with the Argentinian independence centenary celebrations.

The amazing event took place between July the 2nd and 17th, and the Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol or CONMEBOL (whose english meaning is South-american Football Confederation) foundation occur simultaneously July 19th.

The chosen stadiums for the competition were the one from Racing Club, whit a 20.000 people allow capacity and the G.E.B.A stadium with a 18.000 people allow capacity at that time. 

The contest modality was free-for-all, and the "charrúa" (Uruguayan) selection was superior with two triumphs and a draw. Chile lost against Uruguay in a 4-0 game. Then Uruguay won again facing Brazil in a 2-1 match to finally tie 0-0 with Argentina, who earned the 2nd place smashing Chile 6-1, and a second 1-1 draw game with Brazil. The remaining duel was between Chile and Brazil who finally ended up 1-1.

100 years after, this story is still being written, so...who's going to be the next lucky one rising the cup in this new edition?