Only a few goals in the Copa América Centenario’s second day.


In the second day of the tournament, Peru was the only one who scored. Gareca’s team was superior against Haiti thanks to a goal scored by Guerrero; on the other hand, Costa Rica-Paraguay and Brazil-Ecuador were draws with no goals.

The first game of the day was Paraguay against Costa Rica, closing the first date of the group A, which started this last Friday with a Colombian team defeating USA. In the Citrus Bowl Stadium in Orlando, the game was quite regular without goals and no extraordinary moves or shoots and the expulsion of Kendall Watson near the end of the match. 

Peru against Haiti in the CenturyLink Stadium of Seattle was the second match played. Peru, a two-time Copa America champion, and Haiti, who was playing this tournament for the very first time. Both teams played a surprisingly balanced match. The one led by the Argentinian Ricardo Gareca won by one goal in the minute 15 of the second half, scored by Paolo Guerrero.

The second day of the Copa America Centenario closed with a match like the one that began the day: 0 goals. In the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, Brazil, always a favorite and candidate, played a game against Ecuador, who gave an excellent performance with many opportunities to earn the 3 points, but it wasn’t enough to win a game which finally came to an end with no goals. Dunga’s team had an amazing first half but they couldn’t score a goal and in consequence the 0-0 was the fairest among the results. 

Tomorrow the competition continues with 2 group C matches: Jamaica will be encountering Venezuela in the Chicago Soldier Field while in the University of Phoenix Stadium, Mexico and Uruguay are going to perform the great Sunday match.